gearing up. . .

This past weekend I:

Won a beverage jar on eBay (but I think I can still rationalize buying the one from Crate and Barrel, can't I? Maybe just wait til it goes on sale. . . hmmm.)

Made more crackers, this time from the 101 Cookbooks recipe, using the 2-year old, never used until then pasta machine to roll them out. Practice makes perfect, and now I think I can go back to Gayla's recipe and get her more savory recipe right.

Made spinach lasagna and a homemade cheese sauce since we had no mozzarella, ricotta or other actual cheese to use. It was pretty good.

Made "fig newtons" inspired by a store bought package of Fig Newmans (Newman's Own version of fig newtons) but used blackberry jam in a further attempt to clean out the cabinets before canning season begins.

Yelled at Huggie for attacking a baby bird. He scratched it pretty deeply over the eye before I chased him back inside. The experience caused quite a ruckus in our yard as the parents told us (me and the Hug) off in birdspeak. The baby flew off (I guess it was actually more like a teenager) and Huggie Bear is grounded until breeding season is over. I know it's the natural order, but I give him food, he doesn't have to be a neighborhood terror. Try teaching pacifism to to a cat, though.

Added watercress, French Sorrel, and Red Amaranth seeds to the garden. I wonder if it's already too hot and if they'll bolt. (I ordered some plants and seeds from Pantry Garden Herbs. Not only did they arrive quickly, they were well packed and the plants were both a good size.) The plan/hope/idea is for them to work as living mulches. I planted some nasturtiums to vine through the beds, too.

Did all I could think of to help Mr. C feel comfortable. He pulled a muscle in his back and could barely move. This meant no bike rides all weekend--which fairly limited the car exercise outlined below.

Made a new banner for this here blog and one for the etsy shop. I also added a new print to the shop.

* * * * *

This past weekend the Mr. and I:

Decided to take a drive-free weekend--we made it about 36 hours without getting in the car, I had a rude awakening to just how reliant I am upon the car as my cure for boredom. No quick errands to buy little things, no favorite restaurants, bookstores, or craft stores. I had to *think* about what to do with all the extra time on my hands, and there's only so much you can do on the computer. Though next weekend will be an extra-drive weekend, the following one will resume the no-driving challenge.

Slept on the living room floor in an attempt to ease the Mr.'s back pain. 4 nights in a row. I'm getting used to it now, actually, but I miss the bed. Oh how I miss the bed.

Played 1990s Trivial Pursuit, drank Tab and ate the aforementioned Fig Newmans then proceeded outside to fill our lungs with fresh air.

Spent several hours on Saturday watching birds in the backyard, with books and binoculars while snacking on homemade crackers and hummus.

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