If you look at my flickr account, everything seems to be labeled "lattice". No, I didn't lose my mind and start seeing everything in my surroundings as fodder for trellis(es? trellisi?), I'd posted a "wanted" on Craigslist for free bamboo** and got a reply!
More on the subject later today on Modish.

**It seems as though buying bamboo on Craigslist is a fairly easy task--several people were selling "take as much as you want for $50". The caveat, however, was that the buyer was also required to do the cutting and loading--ie people aren't ashamed to ask you to pay for the yard work you do for them.

While out working hard, we balanced it all by playing hard (with beer) then the mr. made an incredible dinner of onions, zucchini, mushrooms and some sort of Mexican Chipotle vegetarian meat (very hot) over lo mein noodles. Then we watched The Savages (though it covers some very sobering issues, I highly recommend it).
I also recommend Wristcutters, also a very sobering movie at times, but it was recommended by someone with fantastic taste, so the aversions I'd had were appeased and I'm very glad they were.

Recent rentals that barely made it out of the starting gate, but were so dull we didn't finish them: Raising Flagg, Before the Devil Knows Your Dead. Can I have those minutes of my life back?

Illustration Friday's word is baby. Anyone trying that one out?

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Homegrown {& the Bug} said...

Mmmm, beer AND Wristcutters?! Sounds like a perfect day to me! Also, I'm so weird that I might be the only person on the planet who thinks that booze and flicks about suicide (but it was cute, right?!) are a good time. Glad you enjoyed it too though, makes me feel better about myself :)