party. travel. travel. party.

Hopefully I'm just fashionably late for the party, not missed the boat late, but I just joined GoodReads.

I haven't done anything with my account yet, but hopefully I'll remember to. I need to look back into that other site that was a book trade sight. . .hmmm. I don't even remember what that one was called.

Yellow Canoe has a new design coming out and I'm already eying one for my parent's beach house. Then there's this $12.50 necklace that I'm drooling over, and the price is undeniably good. Snap it up? Ack! Deep questioning over needs and wants ensues.

El Gato Dice Meow is too much for this senorita to handle.

Crappity crap, got to get back on the no buy bandwagon.

Speaking of impossible, this weekend is the Indie Craft Experience, one of the best craft shows in the Southeast--no joke. If you can, come out and say, "Hi!" and just try to not buy anything, I dare you.
This is one of those shows where I purposefully try to stay in my booth the whole time or I'll end up spending all of the profits and gas money home. Yes. It's that good.

Still don't believe me? Wolfie and the Sneak (below right) will be parked right next to Jess Gonacha (below left)--we're a double doozy of eye candy for your wall. Buy something from both of us, 'cause our work was born to hang together. (get it? ok, sorry, that was a bad pun.)

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Unknown said...

CAN'T WAIT!!! We're going to have so much fun...