the weekend and beyond

I'm a bit brain dead today, in part due to the travel on Saturday and a small influx of mint screaming to be consumed on Sunday.
There will be pictures of the mint ridding tomorrow. They're still sealed away in my memory card.

In the meantime, I'm now selling prints through Little Paper Planes, a site I've had bookmarked for a long long time.

Also, I owe a huge {blushing} thank you to Jan for her very sweet remarks about my work over at Scoutie Girl! And another thank you for spreading the hopeREVO word!

Another big thank you to the Handmaidens, who are always so gracious to put up with me and my rowdy sidekick Hi-C. I got to catch up with Tess, with whom we've decided to write a book of manners for the new times we're living in, Bliss, Ileana, Kiona, Kristen, and a {generous} handful of others. I also got to meet some new-to-me crafters, which was such a treat!

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mimulus said...

hey renee, did I miss the name exchange for the garden swap at modish?