un-impossibilities and strategeries

Oh lazy Sundays.
You spoil me so much I'm frowning, dreaming of
you still, all the way til Wednesday.

Yesterday was Primary Tuesday, friends. We, here in NC, got to participate in the primaries. So rare. Except (don't hate me for saying this) I feel like I don't care one way or the other. Hillary or Barack. I like both of them. I believe the huff n puff of all this election stuff (the blaming, mud slinging, campaigning) doesn't really reflect what will happen once the newbie takes office.

Perhaps my cynicism is inconsistent with my general outlook on life.

I've been working out in the yard, no big milestones to speak of, though. That's good, though. The big stuff can be a huge distraction from visiting the small things that make up our memories and dreams.

I think our dreams are depleted enough as we age, we all need to take a few moments out of the day to dream a little more grandly.

I'd say that would be a new goal, but that seems self defeating.

I will vow, however, to practice along the way, when the moments are right.

My kindergarten teacher, Ms. Poplin, told us that nothing is impossible.

Of course, at 5 or 6 you don't know physics yet or the principles that keep us secure on the ground, but the moral of the story is:

Speaking of dreaming (inserting ugly, self-promoting plug here) there are some new pieces in the shop. All new prints are done on 100% cotton paper, which has a gorgeous bright finish that absorbs the inks beautifully, keeping them bright, sharp, and archival.

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Unknown said...

yep, i'm with you on the not really caring anymore either way. just as long as we get a democrat, i'll be happy! i did think of you yesterday, though, with all the north carolina hype!

and your new prints are LOVELY! (congrats on being in little paper planes now, too! so awesome) can't wait to see everything in person.... YAY!!