It's a chain reaction . . .

Don't forget the Handmade Market this weekend in Raleigh! I really enjoy that show, I enjoy the peeps, the day, the stuff I get to look at. . .the general attitude of the place. If you're within driving distance get yer booty on up there for the goodness, my friends. Serious.

I'll have this practice makes perfect print there, among some other little prints never seen before! Oooo, you don't want to miss that primo opportunity.

On the gardening front, I wrote up a little about getting cheap or free plants on Modish this past Friday. Here's what I have in the yard that needs some thinning:

St John's Wort
Lamb's Ear
Moss Phlox
Daffodils (large assortment thanks to my Memaw)
Spider Lilies

The beauty of division is that you already know the plants like what you've done for them (read: ignored, underwatered, forgotten) so they'll do just fine in other places, too (more than likely. Don't let me down kids!!)

Public Radio has a questionnaire in the guise of a game to find out how many planets we'd need if everyone lived like you (or me).

In the hipness of all that is local, Pick Your Own is a great website to (uhhh) locate the local.
And you can feel like Farmer Fred as you pick your own! I'm thinking the early strawberries just might be the thing tide me over til the tomatoes come in. Jam, anyone?

The Make! Do! Manifesto via the Make! Do! blog (via It's all about the small things)

Make Do is:

A Movement.
A Manifesto.
A Way of Life.
A Revolution.

Get by with what you have.
Resist the urge to upgrade.
A "Depression" mentality that isn't depressing.
But also -

Limit options and expand your creativity.

I also think "community" is an essential part of the environment, and love how hopeREVO cultivates positive connections, so here are some cards I made for printing and putting in situ, for a stranger to find and find connection with.


mimulus said...

yes! make and do! something as a nation we are forgetting. especially around growing and cooking food. the silver lining ot rising food prices and a recession, will hopefully be fold redoscover the pleasure of growing some of their own food.

BTW, happy May Day, I just turned over my claender and I love May's illustration the best so far. Great work Renee!

Unknown said...

Aagh! How did you get to be so AWESOME? I am LOVING all your links lately, and the new print and the hope revo cards are SWEET!

can't wait to see your new stuff in person at ICE... good luck at the show this weekend!!

Homegrown {& the Bug} said...

Oh my sweet God, I totally dig those cards! And that Practice Makes Perfect print is...well, perfect :)

{PS - I got your package! Never you mind the delay, I'm horrible with that too. And I'm putting all my scraps to good use as we speak. Thanks again Renee, it was lovely...}

Jan said...

Great cards to stow here and there! Love the concept!