Life around Sweet Haven

The evolution of our bedroom.
Although we're still working out how the room functions with a king bed in it.
See the full image of the new (new-to-us thanks to Craigslist) bed here.

Everything is a lot brighter after the rain.

We finally got some of the rain to clean the air and brighten the world. These are the overgrown fig bushes that cover the window to one of the second story bathrooms. Although I love the view, I would also like to get the figs off them, so they may get trimmed back soon enough.

The rain barrel on the gutter filled up rather quickly, and yesterday we emptied it into one closer to the garden (you can barely see it in the photo below on the right) so that if it rained again we would get more water to store.
As we transferred the water from one barrel to the other we played splashed and rinsed our hands in the cold clear water. That, in itself, was so revitalizing, reminiscent of filling up those cheap, blue plastic wading pools from childhood.

Sadly, it probably only makes up for the water used by one of out neighbors that washed his car in between thunderstorms.

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