Feeling a little green around the gills

I don't know which is worse: the usual spring experience of dodging canker worms but still having them land on you, or dodging dead canker worms hanging from their silk strings, and still having them land on you. then fall off like a miniscule little lime twig.
I have to wonder what will happen to the ladybugs, too, since it harms beetles as well.

We're several weeks in on having the new family car (aka Smart Car, aka Sippy Cup). When Art School Dropout Jessee asked me what I thought, here was my reply:

"I was pretty wary myself--we'd looked at them since we first saw them in Europe, and just went to go "look" at them one day, they had one in the showroom someone backed out of (4 people out of 60 decided against theirs, they'd sold the others already) so we got it and left with it.
I actually whined a bit--I love the philosophy of the car, but was really attached to my Volvo wagon. REALLY ATTACHED. Several weeks later and I'm just as in love with the Smart Car. Some thoughts:
1) It's not a car for a shy person--I've had my picture taken many times, I have swarms of people stop and ask me about it, Just today someone called it "dinky", people say it looks like a baby shoe, and there are people on the opposite spectrum that really ask the questions I can get excited about--taking only what you need, enjoying the size, etc.
2) when you drive you will not feel like you are in a small car at all--except getting into it or when people stop at lights and ask you to roll your window down to ask questions
3) It shifts hard, like a stick, although it's automatic. That eases up quite a bit as you "break the engine in". It's still more noticeable than in an automatic, but not bad. That's the thing you'll read about most in reviews, but it really does get better.
4) it's fun and zippy! and handles really really great!"

She was wondering why the gas mileage (as always, the Wikipedia information sounds right, but you always need to double check, which I haven't had the time to do) was so much lower than the non-US versions.

I don't have a good answer for that, but I can guess it based on some of the conversations I've had with strangers asking about the car. ("People in places like India and 3rd world countries shouldn't be driving dinky little cars like that anyway. They're hiking up the gas prices for Americans." True quote, I swear.)

Sparrow Chat, a very fun blog, has some speculation answer though.

Click on the stats picture for a full screen view of the stats.

Loving these (via Aesthetic Outburst) and thinking they might replace the paper bags I use for packaging at shows. One trip to the Goodwill Outlet (where you buy by the pound!) should cover a couple shows worth of bags, I'm thinking!

Are bio-bags reinventing the wheel?

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