Lightening the load

Spending a weekend on intense housework makes W&tS land a home of tired peeps. Well, actually Saturday was a nappy, snacky day, but Sunday was all out work.
I have to admit, the hallway was all Hi-C, but I did my own fair share of rearranging, moving furniture, laundry and other dull but necessary tasks.
The floor, however, knocked my socks off. I can't even tell you how good it looks.
It's like, at least in that one room, living in a brand new house.

All work and no play also left no time for cooking up tasty goodies, so we ate out. . . a lot. I worked in the garden some, tilling under the clover.
I'm learning more and more the subtlety cogs in the finely tuned machine a home can be.
Getting to know your space and how it functions is just as important as the things you put in it.
One of the things we currently use, is Farmhouse Lemon Verbena laundry soap. I got it instead of making my own (further down the list of priorities right now) and it. is. heaven.
And actually made doing laundry not such a bad task!


Unknown said...

oh WOW! it looks amazing! i'm sure it's even better in person. sounds like you've been a couple-a busy folks lately!!

i am oh so jealous of anyone with nice wood floors. :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen that soap before and have wanted to try it. It is a bit pricy, but you think it is worth it?

mimulus said...

now that is a hard job refinsihing floors, my hat is off to you both. I also finally wised up and started a blogroll, so perhaps you will notice me actually commenting occasionally!