Seems all my pictures lately are food! Maybe it's that I'm gearing up for the growing season, thinking about all the freshness about to be popping up in the back yard.

But yes, I've also been gardening. Bit by bit I've been turning the clover under and tilling the soil with a hoe. I've hardened off my seeds, though not in the typical ease-em-into-it way. I left them with no seed mat or artificial light source for a day and stuck them outside the next.

The seed mat dried the seedlings out quite a bit faster than not using one, so about a quarter of the seedlings succumbed to an early drought. **oops!** The drought, more technically, being my negligence.

The potatoes are in their containers, and I spent an hour on the back porch making a wire cage for mounding my hay and watching neighborhood kids bum cigarettes off some landscape guys. One of those moments when you realize how much older you've gotten, and wonder where the edge went that would've celebrated the opportunity to smoke with the kids. But then reminding myself that gardening is just about as punk as it gets these days, at least more so than the vinyl riveted belts you can now get at target. (stopping sort of rant, here).

I'd realized I hadn't given each start enough space, so I spaced 'em out by adding more containers to the collection. The little row of potato pots looked pretty ugly just sitting on the ground in the front yard, so I started leveling out the space and putting 4 x 6"s down to give them a platform and a more deliberate look.

Once again, I've started one project and ended up with two. What's up with that??

Taking a few moments each night to read Unmarketable, a book I highly suggest that was suggested by the lovely Gayla, feeling the need to tap back into my SEAC-loving, vegan 19 year old self, primary hair color included.

and maybe next time there will be photos relevant to the subject.

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