long lost door prize and don't forget your towel

Boxes, boxes, boxes. Perhaps even moving boxes??
In forethought, I've been cleaning out the fabric stashes I have, well, stashed all over the house. In an effort to over-use the term "stash" I'm de-stashing on etsy.
I think 2 medium sized boxes of fabric will be sufficient for the amount of sewing I do. It's good to have limits.

I know I've used this emergency fanny packs pic twice before, but daggum I love it! I love the thought that someone, somewhere had emergency fanny packs, stashed away, and apparently quite a bunch of them! It reminds me of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
But actually, this box came to me via eBay, and an unnecessary impulse to buy the biggest box of vintage fabrics for as little money as possible.

Enough of that talk already, I have 2 boxes I haven't listed on etsy yet, each chock full of vintage fabric, patterns, and sewing notions.

Leave a comment
about what you would make
if you were to get one of these boxes.
I'll take entries through Friday (close 'em up at 11:59 PM) then
get the mister to pick a random entry and someone will be rollin' in the goods.

(Sorry, I can't send these out internationally,
they literally weigh 10 pounds and it would cost a fortune!)


Homegrown {& the Bug} said...

Oh, I think I make bags! Bags, bags, and maybe some more bags? And with the leftovers, I might just put together some fanny packs...you know, for emergencies :)

hollister said...

Oh my goodness!! what wouldn't I make with it? I have been into the whole crazy quilting thing lately and vintage would be perfect!! Maybe some wall art, bags, and a skirt or two... the possiblities are too much for my mind!!