This weekend turned into one that made me feel much more like an adult than I care to, between normal life and then all the little idiosyncrasies that happen in the periphery.

So what better response is there but to slow down a bit and play, instead of gathering tax papers and bank statements to take to your mortgage banker?

Introducing: "take back the write" flat note cards. Each embellished with a hand drawn doodle, a little greeting, and a Wolfie and the Sneak magnet!
Comes with a pencil to remind you "Wolfie and the Sneak love you", which you can keep and use to write a little note, or send it with the card to someone special who needs a little sunshine in their mailbox! 5 cards, in an assortment of sunshiney colors, for $12!

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Unknown said...

i looooooooooove these! you are so so creative, it makes me jealous and giddy at the same time!

as for my weekend, i did just what you didn't want to do: TAXES. argh. 4 hours, and then the rest of the day recovering by sitting in the sunshine and laying on the couch like a blob. ahhh, sunday!

hope the house stuff is going well!!