get yer grow on

I'm doin' a little bit 'o garden blogging over on Modish every Friday. So far I've preached the internet gardening source gospel and did a little tutorial on seed starting pot options.
checkity check it out.
and if you want to know something (gardening appropriate) leave a comment and I'll find out some answers for you. if I can.
Just think of me as the Dear Abby with dirty fingernails.

And if you need another excuse to despise the corporate chemical giants of the growing industry, take a looksee and be disgusted. Scotts MiracleGro (owners of Smith and Hawken as well) have no couth when it comes to trying to entice the greener set of gardeners. Except, well, if you use the colors green and yellow together, they'll sue the pants off you.
I'm thinking growing veggies with their goods probably leaves a very foul aftertaste.

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