Yep, we're still house hunting. I've been keeping it quiet because I don't want to jinx anything. . . though that hasn't worked yet!

We've put in one offer, and the house was sold to an investor, who didn't need an inspection or anything.

Then we soul-searched and decided to put an offer on another house. . .but the soul searching took too long and they'd already accepted an offer on that one.

Now we've found another one, the one where we both said this is it, no soul-searching needed. But that's all I'm going to say, because I don't want to jinx it.

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Anonymous said...

The third time is a charm... right? I hope this is the right house and if it's not, that the right house appears for you soon.

Last year, I was intent on finding a loft that had been converted from an old commercial space. Even though they're abundant here in Atlanta, I had THE hardest time finding one.

Then I was offered a job opportunity in New York, and loft dreams aside, finding ANYTHING there was like... well I don't want to use dirty words on your blog.

Almost as soon as I decided NOT to move to New York, the perfect loft revealed itself to me. I think it was just the universe's way of distracting me so I didn't miss out on this place.

I guess my point is, have patience, and don't rush into something just for the sake of it. <3