mantras, meditations, and a fulfilling weekend

This past weekend started off being all whiny and weepy about missing Bazaar Bizarre, then after a handful of pep talks became much more relaxing, positive and productive.

There were final posts over at the Modish Guest Blog to be written, orders to package and mail.
I took a lot of nature walks, a little running, and even a session of yoga, which left me sore but yearning for more!
It's a good place to be. . .
Then, after all that exercising, me and the Mister filled up on cheesy homemade pizza topped with roasted vegetables (including big chunks of garlic and acorn squash, mushrooms, Gimme Lean (vegetarian sausage substitute), and the last little bit of feta cheese we had on hand.

There was a little time for crafting, some intense sessions working on a couple commissions, and cuddly, snuggle-y sleepy time.

All the while, I considering the question of a dear friend about the work we both do (art), I realized that instead of focusing on gaining sales to afford to live as an artist, I need to focus on a higher quality, more frugal approach to daily living. Obtaining the things I need through work, rather than working to afford the things I want.
What does that mean? Focus on the little things, the quiet moments, the beauty of staying small (in mind, ego, and "popularity"), maintaining connection to the world outside without disrupting the connection to myself.
You can advertise, sell, and do well, but that doesn't mean success. Success is taking all of the leftovers and materials on hand and making the most scrumptious pizza you've ever made, and being able to appreciate it while working on a quilt, or simply sitting still and tasting it with your eyes closed. Because if you're too busy to taste it, you might as well not eat it, right?

Goodbye wonderful weekend.

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