Today I am the Bermuda Traingle

Okay, weird, I'm not getting the notifications of comments from Blogger. Also, after a bit of checking, I'm not getting notifications of packages from the post office. I am the Bermuda Triangle.

To make a long story short, I purchased the wrong tickets from Priceline, immediately realized and called and they basically said, "Sucks for you. Thanks for the $$."
Ditto for the airline.
That equates to me taking the money for driving up there and back and, well, throwing it in the fire.

It will be a good weekend, though. I slept until 10 AM! I also had a dream that I was at BBB and Tess, Ileana, Neesy, Sappymoosetree, boygirlparty, one good bumblebee, well, okay, everyone I've ever met in internet land was there. I took a job at Starbucks to pay for the trip AND the economy rental car was actually a Barbie remote control car that I used to get to/from work. Let's not read into it too much, okay?
There was a dance competition, not like the kind in 1960s movies, but choreographed group dancing. I think BBB should do that next year. I'd like to sponsor it.

I sold all of the calendars I had available! Hooray! Of course (warning, self asserting plug) I still have lots of other goodies in the shop!
If you're still looking for one,
the Indie Fixx Shop
have them!

The first image is from the Modish Guest Blog post I did on Bazaar Bizaare.
The second image is from a post I did about La Superette this weekend. Check 'em out!


Unknown said...

Ha ha! When I first moved to Georgia I had a vision of myself getting a job at Starbucks and it freaked me out. I wonder if a remote control Barbie car would've come with it...?

Are you having a nice weekend? (Are you even going to get this comment since you are the Bermuda Triangle?)

Ileana said...

Missed you this weekend!!