another meandering down the trail of life

I am still fairly in shock about Vince and Jeff. Vince's funeral is today, as is the first trial for the shooter. He was mad because he was fired.
He. was. mad. because. he. was. fired. from. a. $7.50 an hour. job.
The reality is still just sinking in, I was a "regular" at the restaurant. I joked around with those guys. Vince knew my name. He knew random bits of things about me.
We weren't close friends, but we were more than acquaintances. And this guy, this guy that for whatever reason was fired, just couldn't handle that?!? It doesn't even begin to make sense.
That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

The weekend was full of quite times, working on drawings and sewing. Probably a little too much thinking time. But I worked, I absorbed this experience that was just that much closer to home than I'd like. I tried to fathom. Fathoming won't happen.
These pics are all from the last week, this creative storm that takes over as the fall shows start. Again, that particular storm prohibits house work. So the house. . .it's messier, if anything. Still telling myself I'll get to it one day.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say. I think we will continually go through life amazed at the stupidity and selfishness of other humans.

Has there been any information about his mental state the few days prior? Someone he knew had to have noticed some change.

lisa solomon said...


i'm so sorry. there is no easy around this type of thing. try and take care and be well and just move through the process as best as you can.

thinking of you....

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

thank you both
it's so weird how real and unreal the whole thing has seemed.
taryn, i think he had a history of mental illness, he lived in a group home (i'm assuming that means transitional housing?).
i don't know
i can't even begin to imagine, either.