Moe's Shooting, Charlotte

Today, I am speechless and heartbroken. I was a regular at this Moe's, and Vince would always yell hello to me as I walked in the door, call me sweetie, his general demeanor would brighten my bad days.
I heard the story last night, but they hadn't released names yet. Charlie and I speculated that maybe it had something to do with drugs, there tend to be a lot of drugs in the restaurant industry. This morning I heard, on my way in to work, the names of the victims. I literally gasped and yelled out loud when I heard. I knew them, they were nice guys.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're doin' okay...send me an e-mail if you wanna chat.

Mary said...

Hi, I'm in Charlotte. I have been just devestated by the amount of violence here. We are moving soon, and the top thing on my looking for a place list was checking the crime stats! I heard shots a little over a week ago in the middle of the night, a house had been shot up. I just am so heartbroken by it all, why?? Why shoot at people you don't even know them? mary t