today's word is an easy one, sorry

virtuoso \ver-choo-OH-soh\ noun

1 : one skilled in or having a taste for the fine arts
*2 : one who excels in the technique of an art;
3 : a person who has great skill at some endeav

I wish I were a redecorating virtuoso. *sigh* Today's word really has no relation to the rest of this post. Seriously. Just a coincidence, my ego is still small (tiny, actually, C can verify this with all the annoying affirmations I ask from him).

Drum roll, please! The ever-growing-lovelier-by-the-second-for-using-one-of-my-pieces Grace of design*sponge fame wrote about Pink and Black on the etsy Storque.

and one of several little drawings I did last night while boggling my own mind with thoughts about super string theory. What a perfect theory of molecules for a fibers major such as I was in University. The idea itself makes me pretty happy.
I consider it the Rock Star of science, and this is my gig poster.


Anonymous said...

nice! that drawing is awesome. you are inspiring me to draw more, just so you know.... i'm going to have to pop by your etsy store and grab something soon, for MY decorating adventures these days. :)

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes! a drawing swap! sounds great. :) i just saw dear ada for the first time yesterday and looooove it. i'm sure it'll turn into a daily read for me!