These are some shows in the area (-ish).
MyMy's Taryn keeps a wonderful list on her shop's site here.
Indie Craft Shows also has a very comprehensive list.
Also, you crafty kids in the Charlotte area - Neesy Pea has posted a great list of fall shows 'round there parts on the Charlotte Craft Mafia site.

The following are the ones keeping my brain churning, trying decide where this Fall will take me (and how I will get there). Check them out and apply if you're into the crafty life yourself!

November 3
Handmade Market (Raleigh, NC)

November 10:
Handmade Parade (Norfolk VA)

November 16-18
Mutation Craft Fair (Savannah GA)

November 17:
ICE Atlanta
This isn't up on their website yet, but a little birdie told me that would be the date.

December 1:
Charm City

December 8:
Bust Craftacular (NYC)

December 9:
Boston Bazaar Bizarre

http://squidfire.com/ (you have to email for more info on this one. they don't accept fine arts, though.)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the updates! i'll have to check some of these out. thanks for the sweet comments on my fabric and stuff, too. it's going to be become pillows i think!!