this renovation is longueur

LONGUEUR: lawn-GUR (approximation -- this word comes from French and has sounds with no English equivalents)\ noun: a dull and tedious passage or section (as of a book, play, or musical composition) — usually used in plural

All of this housework is definitely a longueur part of my life. (How much do I love the fact that this word has sounds with no English equivalent??) I worked on the bathroom, the bedroom, and the next room, which is more of a sunny sort of alcove (perhaps a 10 x 10 room that juts off a hall). This alcove received the most attention, however, because I targeted its bare walls as a place to try out a little installation idea I have in the works.

Wall color courtesy of Home Depot's Oops ($1!!) section:

The rest of the photos were taken from the floor, where I collapsed after intensive cleaning and rearranging. Orange shell Herman Miller chair (came with Charlie, what a great deal!), huge white frame on clearance then 40% off that price at AC Moore several months ago. Framed images are Gasoline Alley comics given to Charlie as a thank you for a portrait session with the artist. Lamp acquired from my parents (I think!)
New to us corner table ($25 Craigslist, perfect condition, danish modern details) that serves as a TV stand for our Goodwill purchased TV (also $25, which is a bit steep in my mind) that is all hooked up so I can do yoga tapes!

5' x 7' $35 Orange shag rug purchased at Old Time Pottery, formerly in the bedroom. I believe it was a Target item , they often sell past season/past clearance items from Target and Wal Mart for really great prices.Hans Wagner danish rope lounge chair ("borrowed" long term from my parents!)

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