On a great thrift shopping outing, I found books of fabric samples donated to the shop by a local, high-end fabric supplier. The books were $2 each and the loose samples were 10 cents a piece. Not really in need of any fabric for any reason, I bought a whole bunch of 10 cent pieces and 4 books. Now I feel compelled to use them. Actually that was a fib of sorts, I have a show in October that I do every year, and due to its very country-crafty bent, I sell sewn stuff rather than fine art. It's a good excuse to get back on the sewing machine and make and make and make while my mind wanders elsewhere.
Not one to let things go to waste, the small pieces in the book (I'm sure there is some sort of trade name for them?) piled up to the side. I considered coasters, starting another quilt (that idea was shot down very quickly), fabric patchwork scarves. . . none of the ideas were interesting enough to pursue. So I folded them into paper boats, jarring my memory to make them, then finally looking up instructions on the world wide web, and folded then sewed them into boats permanently. Boats that will float for a second, I'm sure, before soaking up the water and sinking.

PS: I'm not the only one with boats on the brain. Have you checked out the Yellow Canoe etsy site yet?

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