Moments on the Sweet Haven Farm

Yesterday I sorted out a few more items for the Wolfie Digs shop. I got a couple okay pics done and then Huggie Bear had to know what was going on outside the window. I suppose cats are more like kids than I'd realized.

Somewhere between adding new items to Wolfie Digs and updating Wolfie and the Sneak, I doubled (plus some) my army of fabric paper boats. The mister let me play with his flash, and I set up a war of the tropical prints (I prefer to call them the Tommy Bahamas) and the more traditional plaids, and photographed them way beyond their due. Somehow it satisfied the inner, unspent desire to steal my brother's GI Joes and play war. This war, however, was one of huge repercussions: unhealthy trends in interior design. In my war, the Tommy Bahamas were chased outta town rather quickly.

Just in case you were wondering, the sailboat print that was formerly in the etsy shop is now in transit to Modishoppe, where next week you will find several Wolfie and the Sneak exclusives! Stop by, say howdy to Jena, and pick yourself up one and buy the rest for gifts! You won't be sorry.

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