Today: Cycles

There's no real reason for me to define cycles here, but they are noteworthy and prominent to me today. My menstrual cycle for one. Owww.

And when that ends, I'm starting the pill to prevent another cycle: a life cycle. Anyone out there reading this on the pill? Which one and what do you think?

The cycle of creative urges: painting, drawing, sculpting. They seem to wax and wane independently, and though I often try to integrate the 3, my favorite pieces are usually one medium at a time.

Lately, it's been the drawing train all the way. I'm enjoying the track, too.


Anonymous said...

After having been on multiple types of pills for multiple years a new OB/GYN suggested I stop taking it because my family has a history of breast cancer, and systemic hormones have been shown to cause breast cancer.

Been off it for six years and have never looked back. Now the thought of taking hormones every day unnecessarily (there are other methods of birth control . . .) makes my skin crawl.

Something to think about.

anna said...

I've also tried multiple brands/dosages/etc. Right now I'm on Yasmin and it has had the least amount of yucky side effects PLUS cleared up my skin dramatically. I take it continuously.

katie said...

I just wanted to let you know that I love your art and following your blog! I'm in Brooklyn and just went to another friend's opening in Manhattan and thought you might enjoy seeing:

She's a great girl and has been collaborating with her boyfriend... Rock on & beware of false hormones - there's a great book "Taking charge of your Fertility"
Something all women should read ( I used to apprentice with a midwifery collective in Asheville!)

Anonymous said...

Iin response to the first anonymous comment, although "some studies have shown an increased risk of breast cancer in women taking oral contraceptives, while other studies have shown no change in risk". Also, "Oral contraceptive use has been shown in multiple studies to decrease the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer". (Source is U.S. National Cancer Institute.)

I've been on the pill off and on for about 15 years. I'm on a very low-dose pill called Alesse that has caused me the least amount of grief, symptom-wise, out of several of the brands I've tried.

Anonymous said...

I went through various brands of the pill after my son was born, and my body didn't like them much. So I got the Mirena IUD. It's the bees knees.

I rarely have a period that lasts more than a couple days, and they're light. And I'm not half as crazy.

Mine was covered by my HMO, less a standard doctor's office fee.

It lasts seven years, and if you don't like it, they can take it out whenever you want.