Today: Refluent

: flowing back

isn't art supposed to be refluent? and isn't that the precise word to use when describing this print by Stephanie DosReis? i could write a love note to the jungle gym orb (what are those things called, really??) all by itself, not to mention the rest of it.

perhaps there was a little too much refluent beer last night. . .okay, that might be stretch of the word (but it might not be? it's a new word to me, so I need to know it better to use it properly).
the willie nelson show was wonderful, despite mullet woman whole stole my beer! (lady, i want my $5 back) he sang some of my favorites: angel flying too close to the ground, blue eyes crying in the rain

such calm in his soulful voice. such deliberateness. i'm still savoring it, and no, i don't have a hangover.

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Stephanie said...

I'm sorry about mullet woman...thanks for the love friend. =)