I'm on vacation this week, although my vacations seem to be when I'm commissioned to make something, so it's not entirely a vacation.
However, making things + money = one of my favorite things to have the chance to do in life, so I'm very grateful!
Why am I on the computer, you wonder? Well, I seem to be glued to Poppy Talk, since the Poppy/Sneak giveaway started! All you have to do is comment on the post with a link to your favorite design/crafty blog and you're entered to win. The lovely Jan will draw a winner on Friday and you'll receive the first (from a run of 10) print from my newest drawing!
Other things I love? Obviously, giving things away!! I love giving gifts! I also love Cole Gerst's art, which is dangerously close to mine in the left corner, and I'm secretly hoping they'll get their paper-booties on and make colorful little art prints of their own. *sigh*
Okay, time to turn the computer off, enjoy the eerily loud-this-year cicadas, and finish the bathroom project.

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