Vacation was lovely, though not entire relaxing.
I worked a little more on the bathroom - just a couple paint touch ups and it's done!! (That is, until we do the floor, if we redo the floor!!)

Did 2 freelance jobs, one of which involved hot glue guns in a bar on a Friday night. Oh the stories I could tell. . .

At the end of the week, we went to the beach for 2 days, and though the time there was limited, we caught up with my family (some immediate and some extended) and it was a wonderful opportunity to evacuate my brain of the stresses of daily living.

The trip down and home both include a lot of time driving through rural NC, and some day I would love to take that drive without concern for time, to stop and take pictures or simply absorb the air from soybean, peanut, tobacco and cotton fields. There seemed to be a limitless supply of simple farmhouses, complete with barns, fields of cows and horses, and tractors abandoned in the field after a day of harvest. The drive was just as serene as the time at the beach.

I also opened a sister shop on etsy called Wolfie Digs. It's for the vintage goods I have hoarded for just a little too long, precious little thrift store items that seemed like I just had to have them at the time, but now I feel like someone out there will really appreciate them that much more than I do, so in an effort to make that clear and calm simplicity my own, I am purging (with reasonable prices) through this new shop. It's not so much a venture to make money as it is one to make back what I've put into it. Perhaps you'll find something you love there, too?

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Anonymous said...

great idea! i'll have to look through your collection and see what i can find to add ot my new home in the south. glad you had a nice trip-- don't you love road trips/long drives?