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Holly made a list of affordable etsy prints over on the Domino site. Then Joy pointed out the Botanical Prints also listed on Domino.
With my current interest in drawing flora, this link was a perfect reference point for me. My 2 favorites were Alison Foshee's (left) and Simone Shubuck's (center) drawings. That's mine on the far right, a drawing in gold paint called "Sticks and Stones." Can you see why that link was so exciting to find??

Then, somehow, oh wait, I remember: I googled Simone Shubuck and ended up on Playful Eye. A fun blog with a whole lotta great art. That blog led me to Keep Co., an awesome women owned shop with a conscience for fair manufacturing and animal kindness. Ethics in the business world. Hmmm, novel idea. The hugging tee and the Tobin shoes are my absolute favorites! (Well, maybe tied for faves with just about everything else they offer.)

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