when the goin' gets tough, the tough go skatin'

In case you couldn't tell from all the pics, I have a new love in my life. Actually 2 loves all in one pair.
For my Non-Mother's Day gift, the love of my life gave me a pair of Riedell Carrera skates!! I've never had my own skates before, I always shared with my brother and sister, so to have my own is a BIG deal!!
I'm going to get an extra pair of wheels (one for indoor skating, one for outdoor) and maybe pimp 'em out with some hot pink laces.
Honestly I haven't skated in who knows how long. I've gotten on a skateboard several times within the past 10 years, but certainly don't have the agility of my "youth".
Mr. C and I went to get the skates and break them in a little (by a little I think I skated all of 20 minutes), and I remembered quite a bit from way back, but certainly didn't jump back into it like no time had passed! He, however, has been holding back a secret. That man can skate! Holy smokes was he doing all sorts of crazy tricks and lapping up the attention. What a wonderful time we had, and what a great reminder that even though we've been together for several years now, there are still years of great surprises ahead!

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