Whale of a time

Perhaps it's that super preppy whale logo polo association? Maybe I enjoyed Moby Dick more than I realized? I am 100% on a whale kick. Especially when I realized there was such a thing as a Bryde's Whale, which seemed perfect for me at this phase in my life. . . still not entirely sure why, still exploring that connection.
All in all, though, here are some of my favorite whale things:
Descriptions clockwise from top left:
Sheets from Garnet Hill, you can bet if we didn't have a linen closet full of sheets I'd be getting a set of these!! So drawerly, so cool!
My newest drawing (are you sick of my shameless self promotion, yet?) Moby-ous Strip
Shawn Creeden's Whale drawing and watercolor
Card (cute enough to frame!) from Art School Girl

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