Spring hit with a fury

Everything is still quite a problem over on you know where. I just need to practice patience, though. Live and learn.

Here is a slideshow of some recent Wolfie and the Sneak Sightings!

Other than that, my world has been consumed by technological issues. . .yesterday I couldn't even download music from emusic. What is going on?? Is this some sort of get thee in the garden message from the universe? Maybe I need to listen.

The world (well at least here) burst into blooms last week. Dogwoods, tulips, and weeds galore (see pics for some of my favorite weeds in the yard) are in full bloom while. The broccoli bolted and bloomed, as did some of the cabbage from last year, which I left because it was green and didn't seem to hurt anything! The day lilies have shot up their leaves, the hyacinth and daffodils have wilted. One day the wisteria looked like little lavender hops, the next day they looked like full grown grape clusters, hanging beautifully from their invasive vines.

Meanwhile the garden lays fallow. Time for that to change!


Jennifer said...

Hello! I got the swap package you sent to me -- it arrived today (I'm the person in Massachusetts). I LOVE the fabrics you sent me, and all the extra bits and the ribbon are greatly appreciated. I'm also delighted to have found your blog -- what a gorgeous blast of spring!

Unknown said...

Oh, how fun! Where in the world are you gardening that you're that far into spring already? (It's so close here that I can almost taste it... the earliest daffodils are just starting to open up!)

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Jennifer--I'm so glad you received it! Normally I would've added a note, but I left it out and didn't have an extra envelope to use if I messed up the first one. I hope you get some good use out of all of it!
Blackswamp_Girl--I'm in North Carolina. We had a spring-like winter, so the actual spring weather felt like it took forever to get here! We still have 3 more weeks before the last frost date, too. Ick.