This weekend was quite productive, but I am ready for some technology-free time outside with some plants.

There will be some planting under the window of the garage, planting of super sticky, sharp (but non-life threatening) items that might discourage rebellious pre-teens from thinking the garage is their own personal hardware store. You know, prickly pears, juniper, dwarf hollies, etc. (If you have any suggestions, let me know! I'm all for adding agave to the mix as well.)

Well, okay, maybe a little technology. I'm getting a motion sensor sprinkler to keep people out of the backyard. Is that very "grumpy old lady" of me?

I had a breaking point this weekend when the man and I went out for breakfast midway through our lazy Saturday morning.

The garage door was open when we went outside. It had been shut earlier and C said it was just the wind, but early in the morning the dogs were both at the fence closest to the garage barking their cute little, non ferocious faces off. Despite screaming Mimi's protests otherwise, they aren't barkers. Someone had been casing the garage for, perhaps, the big heist.

Then there's the driveway. You see, our driveway entrance is about 1/2 acre of woods away from the house. I had a concrete planter up at the street with a copper trellis and a vining rose in it. The planter was a bright green (probably sounds kind of tacky to a lot of you) and greeted me with color every day as I left home. It was a fairly cheap planter, so was the topiary, but I was rather attached to its cheerfulness. Someone stole my planter Friday night. They dumped the plants out in the ditch and stole a friggin' planter. I certainly played the grumpy old lady part very well for the remainder of the morning. Growling and muttering to myself about how much faith I'd lost in human nature glaring at every stranger that walked relatively close to the house.

The rest of the day I took my aggression out by working on the website some more and intensely cleaning the studio. The pictures are of the studio, which I think should be more interesting than a cluttered garage and an empty plot of earth beside a mailbox.


Anonymous said...

That's something I will never understand about some human beings.

I wonder what they plan to do with your planter? They couldn't really put it out on display! Maybe you should keep an eye out for it cheering up another neighbor's entrance!

Unknown said...

Bunch of savages in this town... :(

Seriously, that sucks. Forget the holly bushes, plant some poison ivy by that window!

Amy Urquhart said...

Good grief! Could the dumped-out plant be saved? If I was going to steal a planter, I'd have the decency to take its contents, too.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

I don't know if they can be saved or not. I think they actually took about half of the dirt because each plant really only had about half of their roots intact.
I've been scanning the neighborhood, but to no avail...yet!
If I find it, though, it's coming home with me.
That sort of behavior seriously upsets me.