There has been a great response to the Christian Carlos Fund Auction on eBay, ends Sunday night!

So there is still time for you to get over there and bid! (Please?)

In other news, Spring is well on its way. I've got pretty little dainty flowers scattered throughout the yard and seedlings coming up in my make-shift grow-op. (More specifically late-started cheddar cauliflower and artichokes.) I took a moment to pick some daffodils, which my grandma-memaw planted, to put in a thrifted pink glass pitcher. How cheery!
To do a little growth charting: the daffodils, hyacinths, and crocus are popping up. The half price primroses from Lowe's last year are in full glory.
The house hiatus is off and the work has begun. I'm still stitching away at totes but told Charlie I can make it on my own (for any Strongbad fans, read that line in Little Bruddah speak).
Once relieved of his duties, the mister immediately knelt to the ground to work on the floor and maybe thank me with great fervor for the merciful favor this was to him.
He even has plans to tile the kitchen and bathroom floors.

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