Love to love you, baby

In an effort not to bore everyone to tears, I won't tell you about the bags I'm still working on. . . or make you look at a half-finished website.
Here, however, are some gorgeous prints (the Whale Angels are guache) that are astonishingly affordable!
In the meantime, I'm going to sit here and drink coffee, daydreaming of a clean house and time for myself to make art!

Butterflies from Option-G; Smitten Bunny from Little Paper Planes; Whale Angels from The Blue House; all prints well under $100!

* * * {an aside}* * *

I had a trade a while back, and received a beautiful tea cup from someone I vaguely remembered calling themselves "Little Paper Piglet." In an effort to catch up with their blog I found Paper Piglet (no "little" involved) who linked to Sheepdog Print and Design Blog. I, for one, am not going to doubt the knowledge or expertise of any blogger who uses puppy inspiration in their blog title. And lo and behold: it is a blog all about independent designers (women, nonetheless!) running their own business. Chock full of info and the cutest little freebies to print and take!

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