* * * * two new holes in my heart* * * *
Today, I learned of the deaths of 2 people who were deeply enmeshed in my former life as a manager of a Caribou Coffee here in Charlotte.
One was a regular customer, one was a fellow manager.

Their deaths were about a week apart, and unrelated. Though sappy, cliche and unoriginal, and their absences months in the past, I am grieving the loss of both of them today. There never seems to be words to satisfactorily express grief or loss, as death reminds us all to live life fully, it is exponentially increased by these two guys who were both always so incredibly full of life. I wish my words could do their lives justice. It's easier to swallow a death when illness gives fair warning. Marcus was hit while riding his motorcycle, Don was in car accident.

Marcus: what a genuine smile that sparkled in your eyes. What a sense of humor and joy of life you projected, what integrity and sense of caring you shared. You gave to everyone around you and the world has lost a rare gem. You helped me through the toughest times and your grace and compassion, sense of selflessness and absolute dignity are qualities I strive to meet daily. You were an example to everyone, and that example touched hundreds of people daily, through your character you live on in all of our hearts.

Don: I served your tea every morning for more than 6 months, sometimes twice in a day. You never stopped smiling, were always on an adventure and always had positivity and peacefulness to exude. To start my workday off with your friendly smile was an honor and a joy. May you always find new adventure, your spirit lives beyond this world.

I am more than positive the last time I spoke to either of them, we ended it on a casual, "See you later" and a hug.


Unknown said...

I usually just lurk here and drool over your beautiful creations and links, but today I have to comment to say that I'm sorry for your loss.

I hope you're not beating yourself up for the way you left them both last, though... I always think that "until we meet again," whenever or if ever that will be, is always a beautiful parting.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Funny, how life is... And the way they both passed...No sickenss, just a fatal accident? Strange...So sorry to hear that you are grieving...Grieving is tough and confusing for me....Hugs and thoughts your way....And, hopefull wishes to a better place for your friends....xxo, Vanessa