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Thanks Lush Box Inc. for picking my drawing Daydreams and Doilies to be featured on the etsy home page!
I'm still thinking about Don and Marcus, of course. Loss is complex and difficult, and unbelievable at times, especially with respect for the lives of those who were so joyful and animated; sudden absence is relative to the strength of the previous presence.
I do like thinking in terms of "until we meet again," which leaves a tinge of hope in remembrance.
I am an emotional person by nature (Mr. C will vouch for that) so learning of their deaths knocked the wind out of me yesterday. It will sink in and I will understand with time. Thank you thank you thank you for your kind words.

I can't remember which blogger wrote about reupholstering a chair with an Urban Outfitters bedspread. I've looked, nothing is jarring my memory. It doesn't seem like that would be a difficult thing to remember. . .
Anyway, in the vein of the green chair in the picture, I'm going to recover our stained-when-acquired couch. I'm thinking the seat and back will be tufted velvet (black or brown) and the back, sides and front flat panel will be this graphic lattice from U.O., which I should receive today. . . $20 for 3 yards in 90 inch width because they're bedspreads.

Can this couch look good after I attack it? In my own defense, remember the chair!

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