On the right track

We're getting there with the bedroom. A lot happened this weekend, more than I had planned!
I'd originally thought I would use a gallon of tan paint I already had and would go home right after work and, well, get to work.

If you're thinking about painting a room, this is where I share my experience: Instead I stopped by Sherwin Williams and picked up a gallon of a Martha Stewart Signature color. Why Sherwin Williams, you ask? Because Domino Magazine's website has a 25% off regular priced merchandise coupon! Which allowed me to get out of there are a much lower price than the Benjamin Moore store. Sherwin Williams offers (now I find out) 2 low VOC options while B.M. doesn't offer this alternative in my area! Though neither of them offered any suggestions or much in the way of assistance at all. Also, I've found, the higher end paints are a worthy investment simply because they require fewer coats to get a nice, even surface. The bedroom was covered in one coat with minor touch ups here and there. Less coats=less work.

Be prepared for the snowballing affect of small changes: We didn't just stop at the paint. (You'll recall this actually started with getting matching bedside tables.) First, new curtain rods were installed. They are brushed nickel with pretty little swirl finials: $15 each from Lowe's, not a bad price since they offer rods in the upwards range of $50 each. We found a ceiling fan with convincingly faux walnut blades and brushed nickel accents on clearance (i guess just in the store?) for $20, originally $40. The mister was inspired to change out the original switches and outlets in the bedroom, add an extra outlet in the bathroom, and change out miscellaneous outlets in other parts of the house. We are moving on up!

Before the snowball gets too big, pinpoint direction. None of the color schemes I'd picked had such a grayish brown wall. I needed to narrow things down on my own a bit, when lo and behold I realized this illustration is it! Even though the final product seems so far away, staying on task is well within reach.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! When will the new room be unveiled? I'm getting excited for you...
but I'm also bummed now because I want to decorate too, but I can't. We rent! Bah!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

we'll be "finished" probably next weekend. there is an ever-growing monster stack of stuff to unload at the thrift store, too. so purging is a big and difficult part of it. yikes!
We rent, too, only we rent from my parents and that allows for some leniency. if worse comes to worse i can paint it all off white again when we move out.