Kim Family Missing

I first read about the missing Kim family on A Minor Thread's flickr page, where an image of a very serene and happy family's picture struck me deeply. They have been missing since November 25, 2006 and were last seen in Oregon driving a Saab station wagon with a California license plate "DOE SF."

Though I don't know the family personally, they've had a huge impact on the blogging community, are very supportive of artists, and the news of them missing is heartbreaking to me. Please look out for them, and contact the police immediately if you see them or their car.
Please help bring them home safely.

More information is available here.

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Anonymous said...

The Mom and children were rescued last night. They found the trail for the Dad and are hopeful that they will find him today. They got lost near Grant's Pass trying to get to the coast. They had to burn tires for warmth. The Mom was breast feeding the youngest child so she breastfed the older one too. The Dad bundled up and headed out for help yesterday - he had snowshoes.