Someone has a case of the Mondays. . .

Besides waking up late for work, I also stumbled around for an extra 20 minutes looking for my keys and found them after C stated, "You need to look on the floorboard of the car. You have a bad habit of putting them there." I spent an additional 10 minutes quietly wishing he wasn't so perceptive.
Then I knocked one of the dogs in the head with the door as I was leaving, and spent a great deal of time trying to make it up to him by rubbing his head and apologizing profusely, though he admittedly didn't yelp, or seem to mind at all. Then, as though in a flash of instant karma, knocked the poo outta my own head climbing in to the car to head off for work. Five hours later, and I still have a residual headache, and what they called on Office Space, a case of the Mondays.
This past weekend, though, was pure joy in all of its crafty glory.
A quick rundown of the projects:
2 MeOwls for the Modish Gift Basket Giveaway, soft fabric book for a certain set of twins in the family (actually from my mom, she found the fabric pattern and loved it so much she asked me to make the book for her), which was the end of productivity as measured by crossing things off the long list of things to do.
Friday night was spent with my sister and mom, sorting and drooling over buttons (how long can one really drool over buttons, you ask? Several hours, at least, if not longer. This crafty ideas came from Little Birds' blog via pixiegenne, thanks for the great idea, gals!
I also searched the "closet of no return" for fabric to use to make a stocking for the mister. You see, part of the reason the closet is so aptly dubbed the "CONR" is because I have it filled with fabric and thrift store clothing I bought to either deconstruct/reconstruct or to simply use as yardage.
Further procrastinating yesterday from the small stack of paying sewing jobs, I was reading Domicile, whose current post was a small wake-up pinch to remind me of the dreaded closet, where I found 2 thrift store skirts that were perfect colors and materials for a stocking to be hung by the chimney with care. Just ignore that I hung it on the tree to get a picture. . . I had bad photo-timing this weekend, and didn't think about documentation til well after dark; on Hi-C's camera, proper lighting involves a huge amount of lugging. I improvised accordingly, obviously.
The stocking itself was a guess on my own part about size and proportion, a bright red wool thrifted skirt, a pea green linen thrifted skirt reverse appliqued with free form machine stitches to the red one, leftover craft felt from previous projects to line and embellish, and a cream colored satin ribbon to hang by.
It is now by the chimney, hanging from a stainless steel stocking hook boxed as a set of 2, bought last year from Goodwill just after Christmas. They were 99 cents, brand new in their box, and straight from the returns bin at Target. I've learned that the local Target (not sure if they all do this) will donate their slightly damaged returns and unsold clearance items and if you frequent Goodwill, you're likely to find some incredible deals.


Anonymous said...

you made some me-owls for Modish? yay, can't wait to see them! They'll go in the Jan giveaway...thanks again!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

yep! they went in the mail today!