One can dream for the holidays, can't she???

I don't think this will give away any secrets, spoil any surprises, or break any hearts. Here are the office Christmas cards from MOMA this year (left)

and the cards for me and the boys to mail out from HeatherJeany's Etsy store (right). I've been asking the mister if we could get a Christmas tree for several weeks now, but I imagine it won't be a typical one if we do get one, probably a tinsel tree or an aluminum one in some bright, fluorescent tree in all of its radiating glory. They're a fairly hefty investment to be on display a couple weeks a year, though, and I'm not too crazy about getting a live cut tree. Ah the age-old holiday tree debate.
I can imagine driving a live one home, strapped to the roof of the family station wagon, lightly snowing, me and Hi-C singing Christmas carols with our own, made-up, and usually excessively crass lyrics. Call it something of our own Leg Lamp holiday tradition. Or maybe a tree with the rootball still in tact. So many options.
This is all, of course, daydreaming, and the reality is that we'll decorate our table top tree, an animal will knock it over and break half the glass ornaments and the holiday spirit will then be broken. In the meantime, I will continue to believe I have perfect pitch for the classic tunes, the holiday season will be joyous and we will make it on time to the candle light service at a local church, the sermon will be touching and the love of winter will be wondrous. No one will be disappointed in their gifts, we'll all smile and feel all familial, no one will get their feelings hurt by our family's exceedingly dry humor. Baking will be done as a team, and with great glee. No one will gain weight or worry about body issues. And Santa will bring me a pool boy. And. . . .


Anonymous said...

Ok, I just wandered over the the leg lamp site and they have leg lamp bottle stoppers. That, and you gave me a good excuse to place my sciplus order early. Your blog is just dangerous for my pocketbook :)

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Those stoppers blink! I didn't even see those the first time I visited that site. Holy cow.