Granola Glamour and the Case of the Missing Ring

Speaking of dreaming for the holidays, I'm not one to fall for the every "woman wants jewelry," "diamonds show her you really love her," "every kiss begins with. . ." cliches. When the mister and I decided to get "married" we already had a ring we shared. It, oddly enough, fit us both.
This ring was one Hi-C gave me as a promise ring, which entailed promises like changing my oil, not lying to me, and, most graciously, not farting on me. It was early in our idealistic romance.

The ring is a wide, flat, silver band inscribed on the inside, "Wanna ride bikes?" After the preciously close to home:
How many ADD kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Wanna ride bikes?

When I asked Charlie if he wanted to get married (Which started off as "We should get married. Do you wanna get married?") I gave him the ring when he said we should. To me, from that moment forward, paper or none, we were married.

So we passed the ring back and forth on several occasions, both taking turns with our engagement ring. Then one day he took it upon himself to buy me a diamond. I set stipulations, of course, since I am full of stipulations, that involved the ring being used, not yellow gold (titanium, white gold, platinum were okay) and not too. . . ummm. . . blingy. Oh, and not expensive. I wanted a cheap, used ring. David Cross does an excellent skit on exactly why I wanted cheap and used, google him eating gold and see what you find.

Mr. Hi-C found a ring and showed it to me, then I saw the ring next to it that I liked even better. So I have my diamond, which took months of getting used to wearing on my finger without feeling strangely normalized.

So that made for engagement rings for both of us, which we also used as wedding bands during our first ceremony: The Toronto Experience. The wedding day approached all too quickly and the wedding bands were not bought (he was changing jobs, I am no bread bringer on my salary) and we were in a pinch. Not that rings are important, like most wedding traditions, they are mostly status, I think. I ended up buying the rings in a cheap silver shop here in town. Our rings are $9 silver rings.

He, however, lost his ring last week at work. I told him to just go back to the hotel room where I am sure he left it on the bedside table, or maybe in his truck where he hid it before is lunchtime soiree. He did not think that was funny. He had a very naked feeling finger, and a sad, I-lost- my-wedding-band sentiment. I pulled out ye olde silver band and he is wearing it for the time being.

Suddenly I have a functionally extravagant idea for a Christmas present for my poopsie! And my conscience can remain unscathed!

Stacked rings are an image from greenKarat.com; diamond is author's own, image is from the mister.

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