A million things I'd rather be doing

1. Clickity click on over to Poppytalk for the cutest of holiday card suggestions (it won't hurt my feelings if you don't take mine, I promise).
2. Spend all of your holiday cash on indie designers' goodies. The mall does not need your cash, neither does the Gap, Nordstroms, or Ann Taylor. The Big Box certainly does not need your money. Even if gifts aren't your thing, a little written note of love is always appropriate, no matter the season. When that note is on a handmade card, you're giving art and love, and those are two of the best things in this world. Sorry for the sap, age seems to be doing that to me.
3. So now that I've spent all your money for you, dive into your fabric stash and make this dress, as posted by tchotchke attack!, (another 2 versions posted by angry chicken) so you don't have to go naked to the holiday office party. Even in denim (as pictured) you could wear black tights and a black shirt (boots, as pictured) and be oh-so dressy. At least in my book.

Hooray for cowboy boots, especially the truly functional, replace the soles when they whither away, decorative ones. Hip hip hooray!

Both images are from the blogs referenced. Visit them and meander through all of their great ideas, gorgeous finds, and talented makes!

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