Drumroll please!

And the winner of Door Prize 3: Emira, keeper of Domicile, blogger of Dirt, pink tanker herself, and so much more!
Once the prize has been received, I will post a picture. Until then, it still remains a mystery.

I'd also like to draw a little attention and praise to Misti's tank-worthy women. She wrote. " Hello! I have a few people that I can add to your inspire me to aspire list:
Ali Edwards Self described "Life Artist", she's a scrapbooker that inspires me daily!
All three ladies at Garden Rant
And Carries Sommers of Sommers Designs. She's a fabric artist and has her own business. Phenomenal stuff!"

My brother's beginning of a list (he promised he had more names coming):
Anne Lamott
Eleanor Roosevelt
Hilary Clinton
Maryanne Fox

I love my brother, he makes me proud.


Anonymous said...

:) Hey there, thanks for mentioning my post! I figured I'd go with everyday folks instead of the usual suspects...but there are so many remarkable women out there it's hard to point out a select few. Need to get a link to your blog up on my page...kinda working in redesign!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Misti, I'll put a link up to you, as well. I've got a list to put up some time. . . maybe I'll get to it this weekend!