Well, it's not cold here, yet, but it will be soon (Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away, people).
Remember, a lot of facilities get inundated with Christmas gifts for those in need. See if they need other things (necessities, toys to store for year round birthdays) or help someone out one-on-one.

On that note, don't put yourself in a risky situation.

There are "homeless" people who live in tents and have sleeping bags. These campers often won't seek shelter unless the weather is unbearable. There are also people with addictions who cannot get into shelters, but everyone needs warmth, no matter what their situation.

American Science & Surplus has emergency blankets (you know the ones, the silver mylar ones that fold up into what looks like an aluminum foil wallet) for $2.50 and the sleeping bag version for $5.50. For their price to be a decent deal, either buy several at a time (do your own drive!) or go ahead and get some funky gifts for friends (or yourself!) because shipping starts at about $6, I believe. You can also get them from camping supply stores, but they run about $7 a piece for the blanket. The size, weight and ease of transport make me think they're perfect, though.

How easy would it be to stick one of these in your glove compartment or bag and give it to someone who might need it at the drop of a hat?

Other giving options: You Grow Girl's Warm Winter Wear Drive and Supernaturale's 4th Annual Scarf Drive. Both of these have quickly approaching deadlines, but we all know how worth-it a little hustle can be!

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