Door Prizes Update

Just a subtle reminder. . . Today is the last day to submit Pink Tank Worthy Women
and get a chance at a
door prize!

And from the last drawing, Mipmup sent me an adorable picture of her kitty enjoying
its new MeOwl! (Maybe, just maybe her kitty instincts recognized the organic catnip?)


mipmup. said...

she is crazy for her meowl! i keep hearing the tinkling of the little bell from across the room. thank you once again!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have a few people that I can add to your inspire me to aspire list:
Ali Edwards Self described "Life Artist", she's a scrapbooker that inspires me daily!

All three ladies at Garden Rant

And Carries Sommers of Sommmers Designs. She's a fabric artist and has her own business. Phenomenal stuff!