It even smells like Autumn in the shower

Yes, it is overly luxurious to change shower products with the seasons. It really isn't too hard to make your own (even bath salts that usually cost $15 and up. . . you can make them yourself for less than $5 a pop. Great gifts, too!)
If you're a bit lazy and have some extra cash to throw around, try these on for size:
Burt's Bees Citrus Spice Exfoliating Soap (smells like pumpkin pie, no joke) is natural and relatively local to me. . . which means you're not supporting a huge cosmetics giant.
The Thymes candles (top and bottom right) in chocolate ginger and chocolate mandarin, respectively. Maybe take a piece of chocolate in there with you to satiate the hunger pangs you'll get from such luscious scents.
Morton Brown's Gingerlily lotion: you will not find a lotion that dries smoother and silkier (at least I haven't), and you'll carry traces of the fragrance with you all day long, wondering what smells so yummy.

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