This year I'm excited about Christmas. It's a weird and foreign feeling, one that hasn't stirred since I spent several years working at the Nature Company. We would start receiving holiday stock at the end of the summer and listen to wintry tunes the week of Thanksgiving through the beginning of the New Year. That job and the subsequent 7 years of retail/service jobs gave me enough Christmas to become the grinch, Scrooge, and everyone's black cloud of Christmas bitterness. This year I've been signing Holiday cards here at work for the last week, dreaming of a Christmas tree while at the hardware store (maybe just another excuse for a houseplant? I'll have to explore these feelings), and making garlands out of discarded funky yarn and little store bought pom poms. I feel like the annoyingly chipper high school cheerleader spreading spirit with her rapidly moving, all spirity and sprinkly fingers. Someone help me.

But there is also a sadness, a quiet little place that remembers the over 3,000 people who won't be home for the holidays.

Why the bleeding heart blog all of the sudden? Today is voting day. Find out if you're registered at the site liked to the right. Get out and vote people. We have 2 more years of Bush in Washington, lets make it bearable.

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