$30 vs. $3000

Andrea's opening was incredible. I wish I'd gotten to see more of her work, but the show was a small group of artists, so each had limited space. Each painting was a diary of sorts, with found objects incorporated, text, and hand stitched elements. The painting in the middle of the flash (between me on the left and Andrea in the middle) is ours!
I can't wait to get it, and I already have several places I'd like to see it go, but we'll have to wait to get it in place and see which works out best.
Another great addition to the house: A tulip-style chrome base for our wood grain, laminate covered, MDF table top. I went to the ReStore with the intention of finding something that could work as additional shelving in the kitchen, and left with a wobbly old cafe table. The wobbly part was the chrome base, and the top was an incredibly bland square laminate top. Our old table was a freebie from Freecycle, with a cool diamond grain pattern but ratty little metal 50s style legs. Between the two we have a, albeit rather dusty at this point, great looking dinner table that ended up being less than $30. Better looking than the CB2 version, and it should last until we invest in a true-quality piece. The cats already dubbed it acceptable, we just gotta get in gear and get some polish to it.

As far as the garden goes, I pulled up about 6 still-healthy tomato plants today. I needed room for the cole crops, and I ran out rather quickly (these fall planting veggies seem to each need about a foot of space). The naked ladies are up and running amok through the yard! There is a trail of them this year that travels from their usual random spot in the grass on partially down the hill. I also spent a small amount of very pleasant time walking through the yard, head tucked down, looking for full-sized, meaty chesnuts. I found about half a gallon, which is more than I ever remember finding in my life! This year I will learn how to roast chesnuts. It is surprising how that one simple action made me ready to move into the briskly chilly days of fall and winter.
Cuddling up with my honey. I can't wait!

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