So often I ramble on about one-offs and copies. Well, what are the rules for copyright, you say? I found some info on the etsy blog, which led me to more info on Whip Up. You just can't rationalize copying the brilliance of someone else's design. If I had a nickel for every time someone at a craft show asked how I made something followed by a "Wow! That's clever! I'll have to go home and make that myself!" well, I'd make more money than I ever do at the shows.

And I don't think I've linked to the mind boggling kings and queens of design integrity: Plagiarius.com. The silver gnome in the left corner is their endearing icon. Look at their awards for the last 3 years, and see how closely the copies can be. The folks over there reiterate my worn out design mantra: Copies may look good for the wallet, but often lack the quality of the original.

Once again, I'll scurry down my soap box, but those sites definitely have a wealth of information.

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