Virgin Mary of Unending Thriftiness, Lend Us Frugality

Well, things aren't moving as quickly as I would like. . . got knee deep in projects and am dreaming of ways to beautify the world with plants; which reminds me, check out Echo's Mandala.
Frances, Jennie Ann and I have been working on making a Mary of Guadalupe Altarpiece for a homeless campsite here in town. Frances' keenly frugal nature allowed us to make it at minimal cost: she traded tomato plants for fiberboard and took a friend up on an offer for a free, plastic yard decoration Mary. We all pitched in and made it in the course of about 8 hours! All it took was a little paint, some stencils and silk flowers. (Must insert a quick applause for Charlie and his detailed nature and unending patience for taking care of the hair on the figure. . . too many paint fumes prevented us girls from being able to paint a good hairline at any cost!)

After the finishing touches were applied, I must admit we were all a little shocked and extremely proud with what we had done! We are going to put it out and plant around it in an hour, so pictures will definitely be available SOON! I will also post some instructions on a diy alterpiece for your own home. . .
c'mon and build one with me, its the latest craze, I promise.


Anonymous said...

renee! blog! i have too recently discovered 'blogging', and was excited to learn you are & have been doing the same. renee? blog? we haven't talked in so long! this is a good way to keep track of what's going on, in absence of the more sacred and profound letters, phone calls, coffeehouse chats.

your projects seem so amazing- when next i'm in charlotte (for REAL next time, ok???) i want to see some of your work.

i also had an altar, once, when i lived in a house on w.35th in charlotte, i had a room with a lot of light, and on one side of the room i had an altar beneath the windows, lined with stones, candles, green things. it was nice, comforting. i still have an altar of sorts, but it's more in my head.

i don't know if any of this has to do with your entry to which i'm responding, but i think it must, as i was compelled to respond in the first place.

def. post the picture of wolfie, et. al., i'd love to see them!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I read about this on YGG, but never took the time I'm taking now to tell you this: I think this is awesome. I'd love to see pics.